Satire : What is the American Family?

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Here in America, when you first think of a family you think of the American family. A husband who is well employed, high powered, a mother who is tall, slim and blonde and three perfect children who all live in a luxury home. But if only this was true, when it comes to the American family. In reality, the American family isn't all it appears to be. All the business parties with happy wives...sham and even the family get togethers...sham. The only truth to the title "American family" is the American. It's the wife who has any and every responsibility. In reality the mans only job is to bring home the money, and how it gets spent isn't really his concern. He works eighty hours a week, leaves home by six in the morning and returns around 10 at night. Even though his works hours are the same every week 7 to 5.

And even though the wife knows his work schedule she never once questions him about his late return. Most likely too afraid to find out that the rumors of him and his secretary are true. With these hours how does a father of three have time for his children? The fact of the matter is that he doesn't, he couldn't even tell you the age nor the name of his three kids if you paid him. And especially not even a single birthday or anniversary, at least not with his wife. Out of the 2000 dance recitals of Renae his oldest daughter, who is sixteen, he's never seen one. Or even the 300 baseball games played by his 10-year-old son Chance, he couldn't even tell you what position he played and the youngest child Amaya whose birthday was yesterday, her father was no were to be found because he was working late! In reality he's not a father but just a sperm donor and is more like a phantom than a person. The mother is rich, miserable, lonely, and needs someone other than her youngest child and the soaps to communicate with. The mother is also usually the man of the house. Breaking up fights among siblings, doing homework, paying bills, hooking up the electronics and even changing the oil. This doesn't include her womanly duties such as cleaning, laundry, dinner, car pooling and getting the kids together. The family has no sense of stability or religion. The oldest daughter is gothic and soon to be mother herself, the son is becoming gender confused, and who knows what to make of the baby, hopefully there's still hope. While you have the mother is a strong based Christian believer, even though her husband is committing adultery. Behind closed doors nothing but blood makes these people out to be a family, but in society this is what everyone wants to be. A typical upper class, wealthy, family.