Scarface as an Entrepreneur

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In May 1980, Fidel Castro opened the harbour in Mariel, Cuba to let some of his people join their families in the United States. Castro took advantage of this opportunity by exporting Cuba?s criminals to the United States. Hidden among the newcomers were the dregs of the island's jails; criminals considered to be beyond redemption. Tony Montana was among these people; he saw American as the land of opportunity. His infamous quote, ?First you get the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women?, shows that Tony knew exactly what he wanted out of life and what he needed to do in order to achieve it. As a successful drug lord, he achieved everything he strived for through hard work and determination. He never took ?no? for an answer and was always in control.

Throughout the duration of the movie, Tony?s entrepreneurial qualities are made apparent repeatedly; he was always looking for and seizing opportunities, without hesitation, that would make him money.

Tony suffered from the deficit model; came from a poor family with no father figure and ultimately the entrepreneurial downfall; he had everything that he thought he wanted, yet he was not satisfied, he wanted more. His greed began to push him down a negative path. Pushing his family and friends away, and eventually leading to his death.

My partner, Zac Stevenson, and I decided that Tony Montana is a good example of an entrepreneur because he possessed many of the qualities that we have seen within other entrepreneurs discussed in the class. Although the movie deals with an illegal industry, there are many positive lessons that can be learned and applied to the legitimate business world. We also wanted to take a creative approach to the presentation, and use a fictional...