Scarlet Letter's Among Society Today

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There are many types of "scarlet letter's" in modern day life that apply to all in any given society. A type of "scarlet letter" in today's society is none other than appearance and self-presentation. Another "scarlet letter" that all people are subjected to, especially earlier in life, is popularity and recognition. One more "scarlet letter" example in modern day society is money.

Appearance and presentation has involved itself in society too much. If certain people in society don't like an appearance or a first impression on specific people, then that person usually is not spoken to or acknowledged too often. It's because too many people in modern life don't look at the inside of a human being; they look at the outside. The outside of a human being consists of clothes, hair, cleanliness, or looks. These characteristics in life shouldn't matter, but for some reason they do. That's the same event that happened to Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter, except she was looked down upon because she committed adultery and the society of that time didn't accept her for who she was.

Instead they hated her for her actions she did in the past. Hester was good on the inside, but society looked at her a being basically as a tramp just because she had the scarlet letter: "A." Once people in society saw the "A", they automatically became aware of her sins and disliked her.

Popularity and recognition includes how well a human is like by society or how often they're featured on television or at party's, or even in public. When younger an in high school, popularity and recognition are too important to every student. Current day society builds every event and human being up to bigger deals than they really are especially movie actors...