School Uniforms.

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School Uniforms

Should school uniforms be required in middle school? What do you think? Well, I think that students should not be required uniforms in middle school. School uniforms do not teach students anything about anything, except about looking weird, and many students are against the idea of uniforms. This is a known fact, which is known by many around the world, or at least in the USA. Uniforms have not helped students, and should be abolished from schools everywhere.

School uniforms, like stated above, teach students nothing. So why are they thought of? To make children not think about clothing, just their school work? That might be a strong reason, but no one is really "distracted" by others' clothing, or about clothing ones' self. Clothing is just an object or multiple objects worn by people to keep warm, hygienic, and covers bodily parts. Wearing uniforms can lower a person's esteem, and can lower a student's scores because they could be depressed.

Another reason that uniforms could be enforced could be the fact that uniforms show a person's school spirit, and the it shows conformity within the school. Well I don't think that such measures must be taken to show school spirit. Children can just wear the school's colors to so school spirit. That should be well enough. And conformity of clothing within school is not a good idea. Children should be able to express themselves through their clothing. What people wear shows exactly what kind of a person that person is. Whether he/she is a sports person, or if they are very proper, clothing can express all of this.

When freedom of clothing is taken away, it is suppressing a child's potential to be unique, and creative. It takes away a child's individuality. It is stealing a child's...