School vouchers

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School Vouchers

The emphasis on improving public education in the United States has been growing for years. Legislators, privately owned companies, school boards and community organizations are trying to come up with intelligent ways to rescue children from deteriorating public schools. Inner city schools in particular are in dire need of improvement. Some believe a possible solution to the problem involves offering voucher programs, which would provide financial-aid for families not financially able to pay for their children to attend private schools. Vouchers are only available to the students who need certain guidelines and rarely cover the cost of the entire education. Taxpayers will be paying higher taxes to compensate for the students attending private schools through voucher programs. This method of segregation not only widens the gap between public and private education but it also isolates a small percentage of 'desirable' students from the rest of society. Voucher programs will only benefit a minute amount of students while hurting the entire school system and the general public.

Tax-funded vouchers are highly disputed among politicians and anyone with school-aged children. The main idea of the voucher system is that parents or guardians choose the school that they want their children to attend, with hopes that good schools will flourish, and bad schools will either improve or lose so many students that they will be forced to close down. Politicians originally initiated tax-funded voucher programs in Milwaukee and Cleveland to force public schools to shape up.

Taxpayers who agree with having the option to send their children to whatever school they choose are not looking at the big picture. One example is that there is a possibility of students being sorted according to their family income, race, and religion, which drastically cut down the diversity among American students. Another area of...