the secret society of masonry

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Masonry, also known as Freemasonry is not what you are probably expecting it to be. With that said here is what I have researched and found about the secret world of Freemasonry.

As you can imagine by the name "masonry", freemasonry originated in the medieval times by those who few and proud that worked so well with stone and rock. These skilled craftsmen were in high demand all over the country forcing the church to allow and fund there travels to various regions to put there skills into use. The exact time frame that the masonry world began is uncertain even by the Masonic scholars but it is said that it was forged into a society at these so called "lodges" that were built at the various work sites as a shelter and place to train and practice there mysterious craft.

According to the masons there founder and hero is a man by the name of Hiram Abiff, who is an Old testament stonemason who supposedly built King Solomon's temple.

The reason that this stonemason became a hero to now day masons was has strength and pride of refusal to let out the secrets of his craft to anyone who he felt wasn't fit to attain this knowledge. Latter on, on the road to founding freemasonry two men by the name of Albert Pike, and Albert Mackey are the two names that receive the credit of laying down the first laws of Masonry. These laws were set down sometime after the British revival of Freemasonry in 1717.

Freemasonry is not a religion and promotes no doctrine or dogma. Masons call it the "search for light" and in its reference is a quest for knowledge, not salvation. Freemasonry promotes a hope in resurrection, but does not teach a belief about resurrection.