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Our language system determines and shapes the way in which we perceive our world. Semiotics sets out to discover how culture and language come together to produce meaning systematically. It is a communication theory that investigates signs, thoughts and ideas that represent or relate a message. Semiotics includes every area of our culture concerned with communication. A semiotic can be spoken written pictures mathematics, film TV dress and body language. Semiotic analysis of language has provoked interest in a wide area of studies it has been used by cultural anthropologists to understand the structure of myth, rituals and beliefs in primitive cultures. It has brought about theories between video and audio communications systems in film and television and it is widely used in the advertising industry. Semiotics is not just prevalent in the human world they can be seen with animals too such as when a male bird displays its feathers to signify that it is looking for a mating partner.

Semiotics rose from linguistics- which is the study or science of language. Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure scrutinized that language is a system of signs that expresses ideas in the same way as sign systems such as writing, Morse code and symbols. His theory of semiotics has been very influential in providing ways of analyzing the structure of communication. He believes we make meaning through our creation and interpretation of signs, we invest them with meaning. Nothing can be a sign unless we interpret a meaning from it. We interpret signs mainly unconsciously by relating them into familiar systems of conventions. It is the meaningful use of signs which is called semiotics... Without a meaning the word is useless.

However the meaning of a sign can evolve over time. An example of this is the word Gay which once meant...