September 11 2001 Narrative

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September 11 2001 Narrative8:30 AM. I am in a meeting with Alliance Consulting CEO's in Building 1 World Trade Center. We are all discussing booming businesses in the NYC region, getting very excited about a little computer chip processing company that has been getting very high marks on their last quota. All of a sudden, there is a loud whipping sound and the building begins shaking. Just a blink later and my hearing is gone, and I am lying on the ground trying to understand why the only color I see is blood red. I try to stand but realize that my legs are pinned by a 315 pound conference table with a smoked glass top and stainless steel frame. I emit a horrifying shriek, and my coworker Stanley Johnson runs up to me and yells at me to push on three. I can barely understand his terrified voice, but still push as hard as I can when I hear the word "one" come from his blood filled mouth.

The table gives way and I slide out from underneath it. Stan grabs my shoulder and heaves me over his bloody neck. We both shuffle to the door that was once a beautiful glass creation and walk over the broken glass and make our way to the staircase that is just left of the conference room. This is when I saw my first lifeless body sprawled across the staircase leading to the upper floors, my body goes limp and I fall to the ground only a few inches away from the pale faced mailroom teenager. I lay there paralyzed, not being able to comprehend what kind of act of God could carry out such destruction, such tragedy. Stan - who I thought would get me through this - abandoned me...