Setting Goals

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Are you one of those people who make new year's resolutions and forget them by march. because you don't achieve instant success? could you be one who daydreams often, but at the end of the fantasty decides that particular life is unobtainable? maybe you really believe that if it weren't for bad luck you would have no luck at all. you may be thinking,"that's me, all of the above." what if you found out that all your dreams were possible by merely taking three new steps! firstly, you decide what you want to accomplish and choose a goal that will positively impact your life and create abundance.Don't ignore your personal desires for something that is practical or suggested by others.Be courage in what you want for yourself.Don't be afraid to create the life you envision in your dreams.dedicate yourself to achieve this goal. you must understand that you alone are responsible for making this goal a reality.

Don't expect other people to do the commit to the work and persistence required to make your goal a reality.

secondly,you develop a plan to achieve your first, you must break your large goal down into small,manageable steps. And you prioritize these smaller will have to accomplish these "mini" goals to achieve the larger success in someone order.than you write down your goals and place your goal list where you can see it often.for example, refrigerator,on your talbe,bathroom, and so on.

thirdly, you work on your goals daily. each day you include an item from your goal list on your "things to do"sheet. and you must create a reward system.reward every step you take toward achieving your goals and make a chart to monitor your progress.then, you recognize that any "failure"...