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Miss Brill

Along with the other regulars, Miss Brill spent her Sundays at the park. Her time at the park was her time away from her little, dark room that looked like a cupboard. Sunday after Sunday, Miss Brill would see the same people throughout the park and even on her bench. These people were "odd, silent, nearly all old, and from the way they stared they looked as though they'd just come from dark little rooms or even cupboards." Additionally, throughout the story, there are growing references to sadness until it eventually overwhelms her. Some events that developed Miss Brill's character are her fur scarf, the actors in the park, and the boy and girl on the bench.

First of all, Miss Brill shows great appreciation and fondness towards her fur scarf. On this Sunday, she took the scarf out of storage and wore it to the park. At the park, Miss Brill talked to and petted her scarf that only she could hear talking back to her.

She treats the scarf as though it is a person with it's own emotions and feelings. When she goes to the park, Miss Brill had a bench that she considered her "special" seat. However, on this Sunday, her seat was taken by an elderly couple. Many other people were in the park that day and all of them had their own roles.

Secondly, Miss Brill felt that every person in the park was an actor or actress in real life's drama. Every Sunday, she saw the same regulars at the park that she had become accustomed to seeing. Miss Brill began to view these people as the actors and the actresses of life at the park. Even Miss Brill herself had a role in the script. Her presence at the...