Short Story -- Dust Clouds On The Primrose Path

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It was a hot night, summer in the city. The apex of the witching hour, the only sound to be heard was the thumping bass line of the 94 escort she was pushin'. Diamond's heart was all aflutter on the drive down to the hood. She couldn't believe she was going to this party. At an old 25, life wasn't the barrel of monkeys it used to be. She was unhappily married to the biggest loser the northeast had to offer. By now, he was high off his ass and passed out next to his true love, Grand Theft Auto. The only good thing in her life was her baby boy, who was fast asleep in his crib.

Diamond had made the decision to go back to school, in part because she knew she could make a better life for her family, and also to get the hell away from her sub par existence for a few hours a week.

She had made some friends in class, and tonight she was going to hang out at this one kid's house and have a good time. At least that's what she told herself.

Creaking up the piss hallway, she immediately recognized the delightful scent of Raid. She grew up in places like this, and truth be told wasn't much far removed from it in her new neighborhood. Going back to the ghetto was like visiting an old friend. A dirty, toothless, broke one.

She reached the top floor of the ramshackle apartment and made her way into the house party. A few head nods later, her eyes met Sergio's. She didn't know why the hell she had a thing for him, but it was there just the same. He was 22 year old Puerto Rican with hazel eyes. For some...