Should things not meant to be created exist?

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Recently A rabbit was cloned and made to glow using genes from a jelly fish. Consider the case of Frankenstein and write an essay analyzing why or why not things not meant to be should or should not be.

A glowing rabbit hops about its cage. Wait a second. Glowing? Why? These are the questions that come to mind after seeing the rabbit. The rabbit is glowing for only one reason, to show off and prove man’s dominance over nature. Even people who don’t believe in god agree that some things are better left to Mother Nature herself.

Man has always done things for the sole purpose of being the first one there. Why would man go to the North Pole? There is certainly no big red barber’s pole that labels it so nor is Santa’s Workshop located there. In fact it’s just a big barren wasteland. We have always done things in order to fuel our hubris, our ego.

It’s not right to mess around with the only thing that ensures our survival just to fuel our own ego. Pretty soon the dead will come back to life and decide to blow up the world, just because we wanted to do it first.

The benefits of such manipulation of the world around us are minimal. Sure medicine has saved many but it is also man who created biological and nuclear weapons that have laid waste to so many. Sure a glowing rabbit could help us see things in the dark but a torch can do much the same. We should just be content with what we have and not wish for so much more. This manipulation could have unimaginable consequences as it may be the start to something no one could have foreseen including the downfall of man. The benefits for any such thing are minimal. After all Mother Nature is not one to be trifled with.

On the other hand the disadvantages of messing with nature are enormous. Genetically Modified food grains are wreaking havoc on the lands of farmers by displacing native crops. These foods and grains are also something people are not quite sure about on how safe it is so we may be ingesting something potentially harmful. We overestimate our bounds while underestimating our power. There are now enough nuclear weapons in the world to level it a hundred times over. All Victor sought for was a way to defeat death yet it led to the death of so many more. In Resident Evil a virus manipulated with so as to sustain death indefinitely became the cause of destruction of humankind. The cons are many, the pros, few.

The means do not justify the ends. Manipulating a rabbit’s genes for our own selfish ends is not only cruel but also morally unjustifiable. Whether the purpose is good or not, man should stop messing with the world around him just because he wants to. Let the rabbit be a rabbit.

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