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Global Business Plan: Slovakia

Gidget Waters

University of Phoenix

Global Business Strategies, MKT 448

Jane Ginn

February 18, 2008


Country Risk & Strategic Planning Analysis: Slovakia


I will be developing a Global Business Plan for Whirlpool Corporation. The plan will focus on the effects of a manufacturing plant in Slovakia. The plant has currently put the expansion operations at the plant on hold do to the rising strength of the Slovak crown. The second part of the plan will focus on the risks involved and how to managing the risks and the Strategic Planning analysis for Whirlpool Corp in Slovakia. Some of the risks involved will deal with political and legal, competition and market risks. The social and cultural risks, as well as the physical risks involved with the manufacturing of appliances. What risks will be involved with the competition of other markets and countries.

Technology, exchange and fund risks and taxation are all issues that will be addressed. I will discuss the internal and external environment, SWOTT, we will consider different strategies using a competitive analysis. I will also implement a strategy for the plan and draw up a contingency plan for Whirlpool Corp. I will also be addressing an appropriate mode of entry for our product and service for Whirlpool Corp.

Political/legal/regulatory risks

Former government of Slovakia made terrible crimes. Situation in honesty of Slovak government is far from perfect, but has improving tendency. The government has worked on improvement of many areas of Slovak society. Slovakia became a part of NATO the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is preparing for entrance to EU - European Union. Slovakia as former socialist country has to go through lots of changes to built market economy.

Exchange and repatriation of...