Soccer in the United States (U.S.)

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Soccer is the most popular sport on Earth. The soccer world cup is a global event that involves the nations of the world coming together to compete once in four years, after qualification games that take place in each continent. Soccer is a sport that was around for centuries, the soccer association, FIFA, was formed 1904. This organization played a big roll in expanding the sport in different countries. Soccer has a great popularity worldwide in deferent degrees. Almost every country of the world has a well structured club league of its own, with a variety of club teams supported by fans. Today, soccer is played at a professional level all over the globe, and millions of people regularly go to soccer matches to follow their favorite team, while billions more watch the game on television Soccer is sport that depends on a well established tradition to support its popularity.

The reasons why soccer is not famous in America is because of the way it is projected in the media. "When was the last time you have seen soccer being advertised like some of the big games of the NFL or MLB?" The soccer passion that has crept into our television and the soccer advertisements in the past few months is about more than just the World Cup. Recently, the Chicago Fires beat the D.C. United in a game played during this past weekend. However, the story of the game was buried near the back of the newspaper's sports section, and there was indeed no wide television coverage or a game analysis on the match, like the NFL games that are left in peoples mind because they are shown over and over again throughout the week, on sports channels like ESPN. It is obvious that soccer doesn't appeal sport fans...