The social problem of the generation gap.

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Men during their evolutionary course, with main purpose the improvement of their life conditions, confronted various difficulties of social, political, ethical or even mental "content". The way of solving those problems each time differs from generation to generation, fact that has as a result the known "generation gap".

Main role in the analysis of the phenomenon has the clear definition of the term "generation gap". With this is meant to be difference in ideas, perceptions and attitude between younger and eldest people. In other words, the different way of perceiving situations, circumstances and incidents between young and old men, is what determines the especially intense nowadays generation gap.

Examining the deepest causes of the phenomenon, the absolutely understandable generally dissimilarity among generations, "appears" as the most important of them. This dissimilarity is attributed to the particular circumstances that each generation grows up with (George Barna). The environment into each one of them is raised, defines their character. Those different characteristics and the different psychology of generations composes one of the greatest causes of the phenomenon.

In addition to the above, young people during their puberty, revolt, questioning everything and everyone that is part of their environment, in a try to become independent. Furthermore, trying to achieve "change" they confront the establishment, which represented mainly by other "ages". Young people function impulsively, showing no interest in the word "must" and react according to their desires. Young people act with determination and strength in contrast to the "elders". The last ones, "approaching" more conservative conceptions are less daring and many times they question the impulsiveness of the first ones. Moreover eldest people, making comparisons between their time and the "now" and thinking all the difficulties they had to deal with, they don't understand those that...