Social Stratification

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When individuals are born, they are born into a lifestyle that has already been created. These children have no control over what social class they will be brought up in. Each social class has an influence on an individuals' strive for social stratification.

A child who had been born into an upper class family may have higher standards for their future, than a child who was born in a lower class family. The child in the lower class family may have high standards for his future, like finishing High School or going to college because his parents did not. It would not be fair to say the child born into the lower class family does not strive for social stratification; because, he does not have the same high standards for his future like the child born in the higher class family. Each individual will have their own drives for their different social stratification needs.

There are many different aspects in a persons' life that they feel they need to strive to make better. Authority, power, lifestyle, education, occupation, and income are only some of the major criteria for stratification. Some individuals may live their whole lives trying to get to the point where they have power, money, and a rich lifestyle. If an individual does reach this point of social stratification, they will become bored and will strive for different social stratification needs. A human being is never content with what they have; they always want what they can't have. Some individuals will do whatever is in their power to reach social stratification, if it means ruining someone else's life.

It is man's ignorance which causes the division of society into different levels, either based on ascription or achievement. Some people are looked down upon or belittled for being...