Solving the Problems Caused by Methamphetamines

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Methamphetamines are a harsh, evil drug. Meth has effected my life and many people I know. A large problem with this drug is the price, cheap to make, cheap to buy. Which causes a large quantity or makers, buyers and users. But how do we solve this problem, or has it gone to far? In this paper I will be telling you all about the drug and some choices the government has made to fight against it. Plus what would help to solve the problem even more.

The history of metamphetamines: It was first put together in 1887 in Germany for scientific reasons and it was called amphetamine. But until the 1920s it was done nothing with. Then prescribed an over the counter drug for almost everything. Then meth was discovered in Japan in 1919. During World War II and the Vietnam War it was given to the soldiers to keep them going.

Then in the 1950s the United States started making them available for college students, truck drivers and athletes. Finally in the 1970s laws were made against injectable meth. In the 1980s forms of meth was made that could be smoked, hen the 1990s started a meth epidemic. In recent years the "home laboratory" production has increased rapidly. The uses or metamphetamines has become large in nightclubs, street gangs, high schools, and crime rings. Methamphetamines are most popular in Asia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and of course the United States.

A meth lab is a drug lab. It is a collection of many products and chemicals. It is made from mostly house hold products. These products include but are not limited to table salt, drain cleaners, cold medicines, and battery chemicals. Other ingredients may be annoy hydrous or phosphorus. The ingredients are mixed and cooked...