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Running Head: Environmental Analysis

Mission, Vision and Values

Donna Tyree

University of Phoenix

MBA 580

Jimmie Morgan

February 11, 2008

Today, when people say "Wake up and smell the coffee" they are not speaking about home made coffee. They are talking Starbucks, the world's #1 specialty coffee retailer. Starbucks was founded by Howard Schultz in 1985 under the name I l Giornale Coffee Company. In 1987 Howard changed thename to Starbucks Corporation. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks operates and licenses more than 8,000 plus coffee shops domestically and internationally. Starbucks Corporation sells brewed coffees, espresso beverages, cold blended beverages, food items, teas, branded coffee drinks, a line of ice creams, and a line of compact discs through its retail stores. In addition, stores offer pastries, sodas, juices, games, and seasonal novelty items. Starbucks stores also offer coffee-related accessories and equipment, such as coffee grinders, coffeemakers, coffee filters, storage containers, travel tumblers, and mugs.

The brand name is so well known that Starbucks markets its coffee through grocery stores and licenses its brand for other food and beverage products.

Remote Environment - Technological

The key arguments in support of Starbucks environmental adaptability, as it pertains to the remote environment, are product availability and orders taken via internet and telephone. Since 1990 Starbucks has grown from 17 coffee shops in Seattle, Washington to 5,689 outlets in 28 countries on three continents. Future expansion includes plans for an additional 1,200 new outlets of which 400 will be built overseas. Starbucks expects to double the number of its stores worldwide, to 10,000 in three years (Foster School of Business, 2008).

Starbucks continues to be an innovative company and has recently launched Starbucks Express, which is a program that blends java, Web technology, and...