Steroids in Baseball : Victory or Integrity

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Ever since the beginning of time men have been competing against one another. This can be seen in today?s society with the many different sports available at the professional level. These sports give people the chance to compete against each other and with men there will always be this desire to dominate and sometimes do anything for victory. In some cases this is good because it shows guts and determination, but it gets out of hand when athletes start using outside substances to help improve their chances of winning. These substances usually are anabolic steroids, which are illegal in the U.S but can be prescribed when a persons testosterone levels are abnormally low. When athletes use these steroids they are diminishing the integrity of the game. This steroid use and its effects take place in the game of baseball today. Major League Baseball (MLB) does not have any form of testing; therefore steroids can be illegally administered without any question.

Recently there have been famous retired baseball players that have admitted to using steroids and have said that a great percentage of the others do also. People do not know whether this is true or not, but they do know that something should be done to save the games integrity and respect. Therefore anabolic steroids should be banned from baseball and a steroid testing program should be developed to test athletes during the season.

One reason why baseball players should be tested for steroids is because the drug has previously been proven to help a lot of athletes in professional sports. In many situations the steroids gave certain athletes a great competitive edge over their opponents, but when caught they lose the respect that professional athletes have. According to Dr. Robert Voy, head of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), anabolic...