A Street's Life

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A Street's Life

The life of a street is very agonizing. It comes from people driving, riding bicycles, walking, and trying to maintain my flaws. And the weather is just so awful down here, too.

The making of a street is the worst part. I begin as a black, hot, smelly, thick, sticky tar. Then I am laid on the ground and rolled over by a ton of weight to flatten me out. It is much like you do with bread dough and a rolling pin.

After that comes the heavy traffic. Heavy trucks are just so tough on my surface. Thank god for rubber tires. If they were steel, consider me unborn. When the traffic gets heavy after a long day of work, drivers get sleepy and inattentive and start getting into wrecks. The worst part about this is that heavy hunk of metal staying in the same spot for what seems like days.

Also, when the nasty traffic thins out, kids in their sports cars want to have some fun, so they think it is neat to spin their tires on me. Let me tell you, it does not feel comfortable when rocks are stuck between the tire treads and scratching on my surface. It is the most awful feeling in the world. It feels almost like scratching a needle on your arm in the same place about five times a second. It hurts!

Then there are those bicycles. They would not be so terrible except for all that weight on those thin tires. That is anywhere from 100-400 pounds on two square inches of pavement. It does not help that they come one right after another.

At last, people walking on me. The least painful of the bunch, except for the impact when their feet hit...