A Student Survival Guide How To Get Through College

Essay by evelynfaulkner February 2008

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Since becoming a student again, I have come to realize that going back to school later in your life is much harder than when you were younger. A majority of this is due to being older and having more responsibilities such as children and jobs. It is a big step in one's life to make the decision to go back to school. In making this decision, I have been able to learn some different skills that I hope to utilize throughout the remainder of my time at college as I work towards earning my associates degree.

Managing time is a needed skill in school as well as life. Upon choosing to go back to school, I decided that I needed more organization in my life. I started the organization process by purchasing a Day Runner organizer. With this, I have been able to keep track of appointments and for once in my life, I have been able to find needed documents and information with the flip of a page.

To organize my college work information, I started getting my file folder drawer in order. By doing this, I was able to make room for my college work. I organize my college work by using a two-inch binder with each calendar for each course with its syllabus. I divide the two classes by putting a sheet of card stock paper in between that is of a bright color. As I do each assignment, I check off the assignment from the calendar. On each discussion week, I mark the number of posts I make for participation and put a circle around that number. I do this with both classes. It helps me to know where I stand on participation for the week for either class. In addition, if for some reason I...