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As many of us can see, most schools here in Singapore require their students to wear uniforms to school unlike schools in other countries like the United States of America or France where students are free to wear whatever clothing they want. When one thinks, one might question, why do Singaporean students need to wear uniforms? This is because Singapore's Ministry of Education strongly believes that by letting students wear uniforms to school can create in the students a stronger school ethos as well as develop discipline in their students.

Some may argue that by wearing uniforms, the creativity of students is limited. School uniforms prevent students from showing their own true personalities. They create in the students a certain equality that does not make them unique to other students. However, this sameness is not that bad after all. If students wear clothes at their own choice, some students from poor backgrounds would wear worn out clothes because they do not have a big budget for clothing while the rich students might show off using their stylish, up-to-date and expensive clothes.

This would create the sense of inferiority in poor students while superiority in the rich students.

Wearing uniforms during cold or hot seasons can cause students discomfort during studying. Hence, when they are experiencing discomfort, they would get distracted therefore they would pay less attention to their studies. Because of this, their grades will go down. On the contrary, this only applies to schools located in places where there are four seasons but here in Singapore, there are only two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. There isn't much change in temperature hence it is alright for students to wear school uniform. Furthermore, if the students feel cold, the school allows them to wear jackets.

By wearing...