Study notes for civics class about the president's job and the executive branch.

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Cabinet-a group of presidential advisers made up of the heads of the executive departments, the Vice President, and other officials

Bureaucracy-a government or other organization with many different departments and complex rules and procedures

Executive Order-a rule the President issues that has the force of law

Ambassador-an official representative of a country's government

Treaty-a formal agreement between two or more countries

Executive Agreement-an agreement between the President and the leader of another country

Pardon-a declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment

Amnesty-a pardon granted to members of a group who have broken a law

Reprieve-an order to delay carrying out a sentence or court order

Administration-officials who help the President plan and carry out policy

Domestic- relating to matters within a country

Foreign Policy-a government's plan for dealing with other nations

Embassy-a government office, headed by an ambassador, set up in a foreign nation

Consulate-a government office in a foreign country that protects the interests of its citizens

Consul-an official who heads a consulate

Passport-an official document that identifies a traveler as a citizen of a particular country

Visa-a permit that allows a person to remain in a foreign country for a certain length of time.

Conservation-protection of public lands and natural resources

Executive Agency- an independent agency responsible for dealing with specialized areas of government.

Regulatory Commission-an independent agency that protects the public by controlling certain types of businesses and industries

Government Corporation-a business owned and operated by the government that provides services to the public

Red Tape-inefficiency caused by too many rules and regulations

Spoils System-the practice of giving jobs as a reward for a party

Merit System-the practice of giving government jobs to those who are most qualified

Civil Servant-a government employee

Q: What are the qualifications and terms of office for the President?

A: President...