What is Success?

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Many well known people are better known for the questions that they asks rather than the question they answers. I think that one important question that all educated people should ask is: What is success? Success is defined in a large variety of ways depending on the individual. Defining success is important because it is what drives the human species. Without success, the world may not be the same. Being able to answer this question will contribute greatly to ones success and education.

What is success? Some may say that success is defined by the salary one earns. Others define success as the popularity or publicity one receives. There is no correct answer to this question, but it still is extremely important to ponder. The world is the way it is today because fulfilling personal goals was so important to explorers such as Columbus, Magellan, and Polo that they discovered new lands.

Fulfilling personal goals may be the best way to define success. The United States was originally founded with thirteen states. As the years passed, many were looking to find more success and break away from the norm. Manifest Destiny is the idea that it was one?s destiny to expand west towards the Pacific Ocean. These pioneers found new opportunities on the way such as working on the railroad or panning for gold. As the explorer?s became wealthier, more successes were associated with their names. Eventually, Americans were able to expand west forming 50 states. Success is what drives the world, and without it, society as it is today would cease to exist.

All well educated people should define success, but it should not only limited to those that go to school. It will not only improve their life, but the lives of others around him/her. For instance, many...