Suicide Note : Not Good Enough

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Suicide is an all too common way of death for many. It becomes the last outlet for many people who feel that they can no longer take on the stresses of everyday life. In Janice Mirikitani?s poem ?Suicide Note?, a young girl explains to her parents how she can no longer handle the pressure of trying to get their approval. She is constantly expressing how she knows she did not meet their expectations. The writer of this note also tells her parents that if maybe she had been born a son, she would be loved and respected more. Throughout this poem you can see how she has clearly struggled with the pressure from her parents for a long period of time. The tension has been building up in her for many years now. She also speaks of the snow a lot, and how it is a lot like herself and a reflection of her life.

This suicide note is the ultimate cry out to her parents for their love, attention, and support.

In the beginning of this poem she states three key things that are repeated throughout the suicide note: ?not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough.? (3) She states these feelings almost automatically, as if she has heard these things told to her all her life. Here, she is telling her parents everything upfront. She is saying that she knows she isn?t pretty enough or smart enough, and eventually goes on to apologize for it. At one point she says ?I?ve worked very hard?harder, perhaps to please you.? (7-9) Here she is trying to point out that she wasn?t trying to let them down, she worked very hard to get to where she is at.

Shortly after she explains how hard she has worked...