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Poetry is a form of expression with no limits. The tone of a poem can range from the happiest of moods to the most dreadful. It can have the most complicated rhyme scheme, to not rhyme at all. What I'm trying to say is that poetry can inspire and even influence the way we think, feel or even write. I know whenever I'm feeling down, I look back at the poetry I've written and smile. The reason I smile is because I get to see times when I was as angry or sad as I am at that particular time and I see how I got over it and it helps me get through.

Sylvia Plath's Ariel is a book on which a collection of her unpublished poems were gathered up and brought together to make one classic literary masterpiece. The book's most memorable poems are those which deal with extreme pain and sorrow.

Poems such as Lady Lazarus, Daddy, Medusa, and Morning Song have deep painful subjects involved in them. I have found a strong connection with Sylvia Plath and her writing style and themes. In the upcoming poems I included I will try and display the same passion and simplicity Plath showed to convey such strong and powerful emotions.

Depression seemed to be a constant companion throughout Plath's life. She attempted suicide two times in a span of twenty years and failed. At the age of thirty, her third try at suicide was a success. A poem like Lady Lazarus is an example of a poem where she states the type of depression she's in. Lazarus is a character found in the bible in the book of John, who Jesus Christ brought back to life. So she calls herself Lady Lazarus to reference in a poetical...