Symbolism in "The Fall of the House of Usher"

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There are many different types of symbolism all through the story ?The fall of the House of Usher? written by Edgar Allan Poe. This essay will be a detailed analysis of the house as well as the persons living in the house where they can be compared in many different ways to each other. The landscape, the house and its occupants all carry a secret that shall not be uttered by anyone.

The landscape that surrounds this house is very dark, gloomy, and death-like. The property is in a massive state of disarray as if the owner no longer had the will to care for it. The big black oppressive cloud that surrounds the house also feeds the parasitic fungus that is eating away at the dead and decaying trees. There is no light that shines on this person or his property anymore, making the reader think that maybe he is carrying a deep dark secret, a secret that is haunting everything to their ?death?.

His house has become a jail cell surrounded by a moat, which he is unable to get away from leaving him isolated on his little island deep in his mind. The same parasite that is eating at his land has crossed the barrier into his house, and into his mind. The house itself is falling to pieces its stones are falling to pieces and crashing to the ground. The house is rotting in isolation, away from the light, away from anyone or anything.

When we meet the inhabitants if this desolate, dark, parasitic infested wasteland of a house, it is noticed that Roderick Usher (the owner) has something in which he is hiding, repressing, hidden beneath his troubled mind. This repressed thought is eating away at him, eating until nothing is left, just...