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IntroductionThere are five stages in Tuckman's group development model: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. In the forming stage, team members get to know one another and share information about themselves (Moorhead "Working Collaboratively", 6). They then progress to the storming stage, where individual members try to determine what their role is in the group (Kreitner, 310). In this stage of development, the team starts to define its behavior norms, mission, goals, tasks, roles and responsibilities (Moorhead "Working Collaboratively", 7). As the team moves into the norming phase, they answer the question "what do the others expect me to do?"(Kreitner, 310) Once the team has reached the performing stage, cohesiveness, the degree to which individuals want to remain members of the group (Moorhead "Working Collaboratively", 12), and personal commitment to group goals help the group achieve more than could any one individual acting alone (Kreitner, 311).

The goal of the group development process is to reach the performing stage, where the group functions as a unified team.

In this contract we identify who we are as individuals (forming), determine how we fit together as a team and our behavior norms (storming), and set clear team expectations, roles, and consequences (norming), ensuring our progress into the performing stage.

This contract will set the standards for our team, the Lucky 7's. Once in the performing stage, we can focus on our team goals. Our mission is to learn about ourselves, our team members, and how to work together to obtain business skills that complement our engineering skills and help to enrich our lives and careers.

Understanding Ourselves as IndividualsThe Myers Briggs type indicator test (MBTI) helps to identify personality preferences. Myers Briggs built on Jung's theory, which states that behavior results from the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.