Teamwork in Media

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Based on what we have learned in this course, our team has reached an agreement of the five crucial elements that we consider are important in building an effective team. They are Communication, Collaboration, Flexibility, Compromising and Conflict Resolution. These tools not only will help us to growth as a team but also as individual. Here are the justifications of these five elements.

Communication is one crucial element needed in teamwork. Whether we are at school or in the office, effective communication early on among the members is vital before working on project because it will help the team to minimize any conflicts that might arise later on. Effective communication is also being able to have an open and honest discussion with the team players about being trustworthy. Whether it is verbal or non-verbal we must give the team members a chance to speak and to be heard. Open communication will help each team member willingly share his or her suggestions, ideas and opinions.

Good communication enables the team members to bring their knowledge and experience to the team. As a team, it is essential to involve and inform the team members of all unexpected changes. If conflicts are raised, they should be addressed immediately.

To have a successful communication within the team, we need to set up ground rules that the team will agree to follow and accept. We should create ground rules to provide simplicity and structure to each member to ensure that we all on the same page. The purpose of setting ground rules for the team is to assist individual members to determine how he or she interacts and communicates with other team members. Ground rules help to prevent misunderstanding and disagreements. These guidelines will help the team to listen, speak, and treat each other...