Tears Behind the Smiles of a Class Clown

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When I feel so sad, so upset, so down, when I could not even afford to give a simple smile. I think and thank one of the most wonderful person in the world. The class clowns.

I noticed their miracles when I was in grade four. I had this classmate and friend named Nicodemus. Everyday, he never failed to cheer us up by making funny bones and faces together with his funny slang. I remember the time when my best friend Rose lost her money for lunch. She cried sop hard that I could not even try to calm her. Here comes Nicodemus to the rescue. He tapped Rose on the shoulder and with his funny slang began to crack a joke. Rose burst into laughter and I laughed too. He also lent his extra money to Rose which made Rose feel better and sigh for relief.

Little did we know that Nicodemus was facing a huge problem - a family problem.

I've learned from his cousin that his mom and dad were always fighting over money and infidelity. His older sister on the other hand doesn't seem to care and put herself into different vices.

The fact about out class clown put me into deep thought. Why I didn't notice the tears behind his funny, cheerful face? He was always there to make us feel better. Where were we when he needed someone to cheer him up? If only he talked to me about it, maybe I could ease some to his pain. But then again it came to me that it was his own choice.

I never saw him the following school years. Some of our classmates said that he left for another school. He wasn't the last class clown I've known. They all had their ways in making the whole class laugh. They also had different stories which they were trying to hide behind their jokes and laughter.

But the wonderful message the class clowns gave me was their courage to make someone feel better even if they themselves were hurting inside. It also helped me acknowledge small blessings that we sometimes failed to recognized. Most of all, it gave my heart the eagerness to reach out to those people who are in need of my love and care.

The only thing that scared me was: we often fail to notice their importance and we tend to ignore and neglect them. We should keep in mind that class clowns also need someone to cheer them up and to make them laugh. Why don't we give it a try.