Teen Pregnancy

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"When I was in the fifth grade, my parents got divorced. After that we moved around a lot, and I guess I didn't have a very great child hood. So when I became sixteen and stated dating, I "fell in love." We thought that if I got pregnant, our parents would let us get married. Well, I did get pregnant, and he left town. Talk about dumb!" Michelle's story is one of millions of girls that have been through some of the same experiences as her. Teen pregnancy is such a large issue because of so many people's opinions.

Five percent of many teen girls put their child up for adoption. One of the main reasons is cost. The minimum price to raise a child is twenty-five thousand dollars a year. Twenty-five percent of all teens have children out of wedlock. With no one there to watch the child and no one to support the home, what is a mother to do? Some pregnant teens do not want to carry their child to full term.

They either don't want to drop out of school or they don't want the look of being pregnant. So the next step is an abortion. One-third of all girls have abortions. After most girls have an abortion it seems to cause depression. Most girls that have abortions wake up the middle of the night dreaming of their lost child. After this, one of eight girls committed suicide.

Teen mothers usually the aren't the only one with finical problems.

The United States has over one million pregnancies each year. More than one half are teens under seventeen. Child support has a large problem lately for the United States. The United States believes that if one was to file support to file for child support, that...