Teenage depression: recognizes the connection between teenage dression and adolescent problems today such as suicide, eating disorders, and pregnacies

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Teen depression is a rising problem in today's society, and is also a major contributing cause for a large amount of adolescent problems. The amount of teenage runaways, alcoholism, drug problems, pregnancy, eating disorders, and suicides are startling. The frequent connection among all these teenagers is often depression. The thorny passage into adolescence and early adulthood can leave lasting scars on the lives of an entire generation of young men and women. I see teenage depression as being life-changing, even life-threatening.

Teenagers are vulnerable to depression for a variety of reasons. It is a confusing time of life because a teen's body is changing along with their relationships. Also, they have an additional challenge: they are growing up in a world quite different from that of their parent's youth. Adolescents today are faced with stresses that were unknown to previous generations and are often dealing with them in a self-destructive way.

Our contemporary society has changed the perception of teenagers Young people are faced with stresses among their school, family, and friends such as fears of rejection, feelings of failure, and of being different. Depression is a common outcome of these struggles.

Because teens are being tested by troubles of life's circumstances, they are many that run away from home. They runaway because they are overloaded with feelings of hopelessness, which they don't think their parents will understand. Also, depression drives kids to abuse drugs and alcohol as an attempt to diminish their depression. Sexual activity is widespread among young people because of feelings of loneliness and isolation. It increases their self-esteem by making them feel wanted.

Suicide among teenagers is skyrocketing. The depressed teens begin to feel hopeless. They see no alternatives; killing themselves is the only way out. What they don't realize is that time heals and there...