Teenage Pregnancy

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Audience: teen parents Purpose: teen pregnancy is not a huge issue anymore Situation/Occasion: back in past it was more than big deal but now it is not Voice: a teen who wasn't a monkey To me teen pregnancy is not a huge issue anymore. I am sure that back in the 50's and 60's it was more a big deal. One must consider that in those days, if a young woman, especially a teenager, became pregnant without being married, she was shamed and her family was disgraced. Today it accepted far more readily. Yes I am sure that there are many people who look down on unmarried pregnant teenage girls. But when you seriously think about it, what is it that you can do? Nowadays we live in a semi monkey see, monkey do world. There are more teenagers that find themselves being pressured or just playing follow the leader.

A lot of teenage girls are being pressured by their boyfriends who convince them that if they don't have sex with them, they can find someone who will. There is also pressure from friends who are already sexually active who say that it's the only way to be popular.

Teenagers are no longer thinking for themselves; they are more focused on trying to run with the crowd and fit in. The idea seems to be that everyone is having sex, so why shouldn't I do the same? I cannot count the times that I've been told that it is no big deal or to just do it and get it over with.

Then as they think this way and become sexually active they find themselves having a child that they are totally unprepared for. During my time in high school it seemed as if there were more pregnant teenage girls...