Temperature and pressure effects on water.

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How does temperature and pressure affect waterbehavior? This is my topic for the science fair. I became interested in my topic because I wanted to know why people in Minnesota left their outdoor faucets open in the winter. When I began to learn more, I became interested in the relationships between temperature, pressure, and water.

I think this information that I am researching is baluable to others because in our daily life, everyone needs to know the waterbehavior affected by temperature or pressure. Scientists also need to know waterbehaviors under certain circumstances for different purposes. Geologists need to know how water plays roles in the geological process.

While researching, I learned some information on my independent variables, pressure and temperature. First of all, I learned that pressure, in physics, is the perpendicular force per unit area, or the stress at apoint within a confined fluid.

Air has weight, was another element I found. All air molecules in the atmosphere exert a force on our bodies. Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted by the weight of that air above an object of surface. Bariations in pressure generate winds. which plays a significant role in day to day weeather conditions. Temperature, another independent variable, is the measure of hotness or coldness ezpressed in terms of any seeral arbitrary scales, and indication the direction in which heat energy will spontaneously flow. LIke pressure or density, it's called an intensibe property-one that is independent of the quantity of matter being considered-as distinguished from extensibe properties such as mass of volume.

I found waterbehavior depends on temperature and pressure in my current research, so any physical quantity that represents waterbehavior is a dependent variable in my current research. For example, water volume increases when temperature is...