Text and Disocourse Analysis

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I am going to analyse the first extract, using the cohesion and conversational analysis analytic techniques, and to a lesser degree, modality. The text is a scripted conversation, which includes what may be described as a mini lecture in the middle. There are a number of techniques used in the text, which is a conversation between two characters, but there is some evidence of a third character in the stage directions. I am also going to include the stage directions in the analysis, as these play an important role when reading the conversation as a piece of text, in order to make sense of what is happening.

Conversational Analysis is a major technique used in the analysis of certain texts, especially plays as they are constructed by conversations. It is almost impossible to give the term ?conversational analysis? one particular analysis or a definition. When one talks of analysing a conversation, what we mean is to look at a conversation and ask ourselves a number of questions about what it involves and what is happening.

These may include, ?Who, if anyone, determines the direction of the dialogue? How would you describe the dialogue? How does what one person says relate to what the other says? When, if anyone, interrupts? Do both or either participants display tolerance/flexibility?? We can use Extract 1, the conversation between Lenny and Teddy, to answer all of these questions.

In this conversation, it is made clear from the opening line that Lenny is the provider of information and Teddy is the attentive listener or as it would appear to be in this case, the potential recipient of the information, as he does not actually want to listen, and in some ways we get the impression he is not giving Lenny his full attention as many of...