Is There too Much or Not Enough Emphasis on Being Politically Correct (PC)? This question is answered, for the following groups, women,minorities, and the elderly.

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Is There too Much or Not Enough Emphasis on Being Politically

Correct (PC)?

In today's society, I believe that the issue of being politically correct (PC) is carried too far. The answer to this question depends whether or not you fall into one of the categories in question. For example women, ethnic groups, or an older age group all have recently come under the caption PC. PC is an attempt to abolish discriminatory acts and deeds. The notion that other peoples problems are the easiest to cope with would apply to people outside of these groups.

Women have been fighting for rights of equality with men since the 1800's with the suffrage movement. I believe that women should have equal work, equal pay, and equal opportunity with men. I believe people have objections to the word person because it contains the word son and that word is perceived as masculine.

Ethnic PC is a more sensitive issue in that many wars have been started as a result of one ethic group being insensitive to another. The most recent is the Serbs and Crates embattlement in what used to be Yugoslavia. Two hundred years ago the French and the British were also at odds with each other.

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The elder today are feeling used and abused by the younger generations. This is evident with the passing of anti discrimination laws to protect people 40 years old and above. Instead of describing a person as old, the PC phrase would be that someone was more experienced or is a more mature person. When infact the older mature person may have more insight to discover longer lasting solutions to many of today's problems based on having learned something from the past.

In summary, being PC simply means that the actions of...