Things Fall Apart Chapter Summary 1 through 13

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Things Fall Apart Chapter Summarys 1-13

Chapter 1

The novel begins with the introduction of Okonkwo, a young man famed throughout for his

strength as well as other personal achievements. At the age of eighteen, he had brought honor to

his village by overthrowing Amalinze, the cat. Okonkwo was a tall man, with bushy eyebrows

and a wide nose. His father, Unoka had always been a failure and a debtor. He was more

interested in playing his flute than working in the fields. Because of this, his family never had

enough to eat and he became a source of shame to Okonkwo. Once when a neighbor called

Okoye had come to him to request him to return his money, Unoka had laughed at him and said

that he would first pay the others whom he owed more money. After his father's death, Okonkwo,

though young, won fame as the greatest wrestler.

Since then, he has become a wealthy farmer,

with two barns full of yams. He also had three wives and two honorific titles and was a great warrior.

Everybody respected him in the village for his achievements.

Chapter 2

Okonkwo had just prepared for bed when the town crier's voice is heard. The message is that

every man of Umuofia is to meet at the market place the following morning. He wonders

whether Umuofia will go to war and thinks how fearful his father was of war and how he himself

has been a great warrior in the past, bringing home his fifth human head. The next morning, the

marketplace is full of people, and Ogbuefi Ezeugo, a powerful orator,

informs them that a daughter of their village had been murdered by some men from Mbaino, the

adjoining village, when she visited its market. An ultimatum is given to...