Thrill Ride (An Adventure in Water Skiing)

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As I sat in the water, I made sure my body was in the right position. Back straight, knees bent, arms straight out, and skis up. My hands gripped the black ski rope with more determination than any time before. I had to do it this time. The girls both got up so easy, it can't be that hard, c'mon get yourself together. You can do this! I stuck up my right thumb quickly to give the go ahead for my dad to start moving the boat. I had barely gotten my hand positioned on the rope again before my body started dragging forward against the water.

The immense weight building on my arms felt like I was playing tug-o-war with a sumo wrestler and was almost too much to take, but I held on with everything I had. I could feel the pressure gathering under my skis. This is it! You're almost up. As my back started to rise up the skis started to ride on top of the water. Then as quickly as I had gotten up, I was down again without even knowing what had happened. I did everything right. What went wrong? As I sat there and waited for the boat to pull around, I debated whether I should try again. After seven attempts, my arms argued that it was time to quit, but I knew that if I just tried one more time I could do it.

The red and white boat emerged on my right and everyone onboard was waiting to hear my verdict. I couldn't give up now, I was almost there. "One more time… that's all I need is one more chance, and I know I can do it," I told them with a determined tone.

The boat circled around and I started swimming toward the rope. With every stroke my arms begged to rest, but I couldn't stop. This is my last chance. Toughen up! As I reached the rope, I grabbed it with more determination than any other time before. I was becoming furious with the whole situation. My two sisters got up without a problem. They just seemed to float right out of the water. How come it was so much harder for me? I could beat them at everything and this was not going to be an exception. Pull yourself together! I stiffened my whole body and locked my legs in position. This is it; I'm going to do it! Without even taking my eyes off of the rope, I gave the thumbs up. It's now or never! The motor started and I was off. I kept my arms slightly bent this time to ease the pressure on them, and it seemed to be working very well. Everything was working together, my arms pulled my body gradually out of the water and then my legs seemed to rise gracefully until I was standing up. I did it! Finally I was up and gliding freely along the water, I couldn't believe it! As I glided behind the boat in the middle of the wake I felt like I was on top of the world. It was an amazing rush, moving smoothly across the lake.

After a few moments I decided I was ready to steer myself across the wake and onto the side water. However, as soon as I got halfway on top of the wake, I hit a bump in the water and inadvertently let go of the rope. Still in the upright position on the skis, I glided as far as possible before my momentum died and I collapsed into the water.

The boat circled around and my sisters came to the front of the boat to greet me. "Hey, look who finally made it!" they said with goofy smiles on their faces.

"Oh whatever, I could have made it up anytime I wanted to; I just was trying out some new techniques the first few times," I said.

"So are you going to go again then? You know, since it was so easy?" my sister said with her snotty little grin.

"No, it was too boring," I shot back at her with a smirk on my face.