Title : To Understand the Situation In Which Package Based Software Can Contribute To Greater Efficiency and effectiveness

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The software package, which I have used in my tutorial, is Microsoft Word. In my tutorial I have explained to the user how to use the following Microsoft Word facilities: -

ØUnderstanding your Microsoft Assistant


ØMail Merge


ØUsing Styles

ØCreating Business Cards

Microsoft Word is a word processor, which has the ability to add, delete, move, and copy individual characters, sentences, or even entire paragraphs within a document. In this way, changes in text can be made without retyping a whole page. When the final draft of a document is ready, the computer is activated to operate the printer. Most printers can execute more than 1,000 words per minute. It is said by Dille and Kunkel (1999) Microsoft Word contains many features specifically designed to improve the way you interact with the program, and the way you collaborate with one another in preparing documents.

By using a package based software such as Microsoft Word can prove to be effective and efficient in a business environment.

As using such a software package has its advantages over manual based systems such as a typewriter. Here are some of those advantages: -

·The ability to store typed documents in the computer: This can prove to be both effective and efficient in a business environment as it can save storage space. It also means that document has a less chance of being accidentally misplaced or lost.

·The ability to correct mistakes: Mistakes are easily made and if you are using a typewriter or writing by hand correcting mistakes can be very time consuming especially in a busy business environment. This also reduces stress on employees as work can get done faster and they do not have to worry so much about deadlines if they do make mistakes.

·The ability to...