Tortilla Flat

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The novel, "Tortilla Flat," by John Steinback, is filled with many characters. Most of the characters in tortilla flat show a little bit of the six characteristics. Those characteristics are work ethic, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, bravery, and truthfulness. In the following paragraphs I will relate some characters with each of the above listed characteristics. Do these characters truly fulfill the characteristics?Leave the pirate to all the work ethic. The pirate shows much work ethic because he is always hauling wheel- barrows full of stuff. He is always willing to work for pay, or for food for all his dogs. The pirate also tries finding treasure. I personally believe that the pirate takes the cake with all his work ethic. Many characters show some responsibility, but Senora Teresina Cortez, shows a lot. She takes care of her eight, and soon to be nine children, even though she has no idea where they come from.

She feeds them tortillas and beans, which might not seem like much, but her children are the healthiest in the whole school.

Most of the people in tortilla flat have a little problem with honesty. They all pretty much lie, but Danny and pilon overcome this. They start to tell each other most everything there is to tell. Loyalty is probably the pirates scene. The pirate is loyal to his work, money, dogs, and friends. He is always trying to save up his quarters for something he wanted, the candlestick. But all together the pirate is very loyal to everything he does.

In tortilla flat everyone is pretty brave I think for living there in the first place. I don't think anyone deserves to be pointed out for bravery, because they are all brave in their own ways. The truthfulness characteristic is kind of...