The True Life of Charlie. Creative piece similar to half-life with major deviation at the middle.

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The True Life of Charlie

"Now entering delta red. Please be cautious exiting." Charlie Downs had grown accustomed to the ever so friendly voice of the Black Labs computer system. It seemed almost yesterday he had first stepped onto the Labs elevated transit system, but that was nearly five years ago. The thought passed though and Charlie proceeded into the labs underground facility where he conducted his business. He was your average thirty year old male: hardworking, athletic, friendly, good love life and enjoyed watching football on Sundays. Yet, Charlie was different in one specific way that set him apart from almost every other thirty year old male and that was his job. While he told his friends that he was a computer specialist, Charlie actually worked at the governments highly secretive Black Labs. Furthermore, Charlie participated in the Labs latest project of nuclear electrifying on the subatomic level in order to produce unimaginable amounts of energy.

While the government had told the Charlie and the other researchers that this energy would be used to replace all other power plants across the country, Charlie somehow knew it was military driven.

"Did you see the Cowboys game Charlie? What a finish eh?" This was the security guard's usually greeting to the scientist on Monday. Charlie quickly spoke to the guard of his weekend activities, showed his security clearance card, passed the retina scanner and then proceed on past the now open steel door.

Charlie finally made it to his laboratory where he set down his belongings and continued on with his paper work as if time had simply jumped from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. Not an hour later Mr. Gerald entered the laboratory and gave Charlie a look of disappointment. "You really should learn Charlie that the odds...