Trust Makes Differences

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Although not everyone have the experience of facing some dangerous tasks, stressed out situations that need the existence of trust to enable you to accomplish them in the right way, but I do believe that there must be some kind of situations that forced you to put your trust in someone else, or even yourself, to solve the encounter problem, and I?m no exception. Up to now, I still have a vivid remembrance of what took place through out the just passed year, the Rifle Legion kept on practicing and practicing, in order to pursue for honor, and we finally conquered all the obstacles in front of us and earned the trophy, which tells that the Rifle Legion is the second best in the nation. In order to achieve this very honor, we had spent so much time doing dangerous movements, reaching for any chances to have us a real performing experience, and we went to our final destination, the drill competition.

All those events need trust in both yourself and your partner to accomplish, and we did it.

I always hear from one of my friends, who is also in the Rifle Legion, ?Practice is the mother of perfection.? And we do believe in this very sentence, so we kept on practicing and practicing. During practicing, the happening of injuries is not avoidable, since we had been doing a lot of dangerous movements, such as, spinning your rifle right next to your partner, throw your rifle to your partner right in front of the commander?s face, etc. At those very moments, all we can do is trust ourselves and our partners. Although people still sometimes got wounded, but we all knew that it?s one of the processes that we?ll have to overcome with.

It was about the late January...