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Choose two Greek companies engaged in the same business. Compare and contrast the companies so you can suggest which of them is the most likely to prosper and would therefore be a better investment INTRODUCTION An industrial sector that interests me is telecommunications because I believe that this sector is extremely useful for people and helps us communicate with the best possible way. I also think that the internet as a part of telecommunications is a great discovery that changed the world. Apart from these reasons, I also consider that telecommunications is a future-lookup and very profitable industry, which most of the people of my generation find interesting.

THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS SECTORThe telecommunications industry is at the forefront of the information age-delivering voice, data, graphics and video at ever increasing speeds and in an increasing number of ways. Whereas wireline telephone communication was once the primary service of the industry, wireless communication services and cable and satellite program distribution make up an increasing share of the industry.

( )During the late 1990s, the telecommunications industry, experienced very rapid growth and massive investment in transmission capacity. Eventually this caused supply to significantly exceed demand, resulting in much lower prices for transmission capacity. The excess capacity and additional competition led to either declining revenues or slowing revenue growth, which has led to consolidation within the industry, as many companies merged or left the industry. ( largest sector of the telecommunications industry continues to be made up of wired telecommunications carriers. Wireless telecommunications carriers, many of which are subsidiaries of the wired carriers, transmit voice, graphics, data, and Internet access through the transmission of signals over networks of radio towers. The signal is transmitted through an antenna into the wireline network. Other wireless services include beeper and paging services. Because wireless devices require no...