"Umbrellas" by Christo and Jeanne-Claudby

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I think that Christo and Jeanne-Claude's artwork of the "Umbrellas" was very creative. I'm not exactly sure what they were thinking when they created this work, but I have an idea. I think that they were thinking about the visual perception of art. What do people view art as, is the question they were thinking about? They then came up with an idea to spread umbrellas all over the world to prove that art could be more than just a painting or object in one place. I think that they wanted to challenge the world with the definition of art in a person's physical and psychological process of seeing. Everyone sees things differently, and I believe that the artist viewed this piece of art as striking and noteworthy.

I think that "Umbrellas" was very beautiful and appealing, but then again everyone's psychological and physical perception of things is different.

I may see the color red as uplifting and radiant, but some else may see it as depressing and unhappy. No two people see the same thing and perceive the same thing. I think that the idea of spreading umbrellas for miles and miles is an original idea, and very appealing. I think that art has to be appealing and beautiful to the naked eye. The definition of art is: the creation of beautiful or significant things. So therefore, a piece of artwork is supposed to be beautiful and significant no matter what. Although, I think that sometimes artwork isn't beautiful, it all depends on how people look at it. The questions would arise: What really is beautiful? What makes something beautiful? Who is to determine when something is beautiful or ugly? The answer to all of these questions is that it is in the eye...