Understanding Your FAFSA

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The organization and each associate have the mission of contributing to a higher level of education for everyone. We reflect this mission in our work, in our team approach to meeting our objectives and in each of the services we can provide to our faculty and staff. The core competencies, skills, knowledge and actions that help us to achieve the business objectives and effective job performance.

Build trust, drive continuous improvement, focus on the end customer, and set high standards of performance.

Our organizational training program has been designed to support and promote our organization's mission, vision and values. Workshops are highly customized, providing relevant and interesting learning opportunities within a fast-paced, interactive environment. Our training program is designed to improve our performance, by help us to meet our goals and positively impact the bottom line though better education of financial aid and thorough instruction and training session on the completing the FAFSA form necessary for all financial aid resources.

Student and parents are welcome to attend seminars or schedule one-on-one sessions for individualized attention.

Explain how this program would tie to improved employee performance.

More thorough training and knowledge passed on to the students and the parents will free up the employees of Ripon college to educate students and for their own personal development versus correcting errors and reduce the number or calls for assistance after receiving a letter that their forms were incomplete or filled out incorrectly. The seminars will allow us to educate and approach a large group of students and parents to share information. Many have the same questions and concerns.

These FAFSA Training seminars will enable the staff to have more free time to utilize the technology available to them to assess their own individual learning needs and allow us to effectively assess the learning...