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My opinion about the uniforms is that we have them. We should be equal when we come to school. So I believe that the uniform policy should be enforced.

First off, having uniforms boost some kids self-esteem. Some kids have low self-esteem because they think if they don't have the clothes that others have then they're not cool. They think negative towards themselves because of not having high priced clothes and shoes. Children would feel better if they saw other kids with the same clothes as them on.

The second reason is that the students wouldn't have to get judged on their outside appearance. If they wore the same clothes then they wouldn't get called names because of what clothes they have on. If we all had the same clothes then we would not only be free from humiliation, but free from bad judgment from the kids that can afford the new clothes and shoes.

Last reason is that it just looks good. When people come to our school they look at our outer appearance, if everyone had on the same clothes they wouldn't go back and talk about what we wore and how different we look. If we didn't have the uniforms and just had a dress code then there could be at least one child out of dress code and have to get sent to detention.

So, having this dress code boost some kids' self-esteem and save children from public humiliation. Plus it also looks better than wearing your own clothes and knowing you might get sent to detention