Videogames: The new Goliath of entertainment why are videogames such a success? *-escape *-challenge *-community *-emulation

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Videogames: The new Goliath of entertainment

The first videogame ever was created by a physicist named Willy Higinbotham in 1958 (Herman et al.). Back then, Willy didn?t believe he had invented anything. Who would have known that what started as a little tennis game running on an oscilloscope would end up as a multibillion dollar industry on its way to generate more profits than cinema and television.? And this is just a start. The number of videogame users keeps growing exponentially as more and more people get hooked on this phenomenon. One cannot help but wonder, what is it that makes videogames such a success? There is no single answer but many that come together and form the mozaic of a rising star..

At one time or another, we all want to escape from our regular lives. Videogames can provide the means to a momentary escape. They are not the only way of course.

We can go to the movies or the theater. We read novels. We travel to far away countries. We go to Disneyworld. Unfortunately, people don?t always have the time or the money to travel and books or movies do not allow us to participate, to interact with the fantasy world they depict. Videogames do. Press the power button, grab your game pad or mouse and within a couple minutes you are now building colonies in space or fighting Orcs and evil wizards in Middle Earth. This function of videogames will likely become more important as the technology behind them advances since the creation of more realistic worlds and better ways to interact with them will attract more players.

The oldest gamers, however, played games a lot more basic and straightforward kind of games. I don?t believe anybody could identify with a yellow sphere eating dots in...