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Riordan Manufacturing e-businessIn the business world there are many trends that revolutionize and begin to transform the way and where business can be done. E-business is rapidly becoming one of the growing trends that seek to globalize and expand a business's reach and clientele. Currently Riordan Manufacturing has expanded on a global scale with manufacturing plants scattered around in Hangzhou, China but the company has yet to embark in the realm of e-business. A new industry endeavor such as e-business however, may come along with several legal issues that may interfere with access to the global market. This paper will serve to analyze legal issues that Riordan may face in conducting e-business and discuss possible solutions. In addition the contents of this paper will identify issues that may arise in Riordan's international business and there will be a discussion on the conflicts of law that pertains to those identified issues.

Legal Issues in Riordan e-businessIn tapping into the opportunities that e-business may provide for Riordan, there are several regulations and laws that the company will have to abide by in order to say out of the legal hot seat. Some of the major issues that Riordan will have to face are copyright and intellectual property rights, exportation laws and regulations, online terms and conditions policies and laws, and privacy laws.

Copyrights and Intellectual PropertyOne of the basic issues that will come up in entering into e-business is copyrighting. As a unique organization, Riordan should protect any and all ideas and assets that are rightfully theirs. Copyrighting any websites that will allow Riordan to conduct e-business will help the company to protect themselves against any infringement issues that may come up concerning website content and any defamation that competing websites may contain. By copyrighting materials the website will be under the...