The War of 1812----General, Glorious, Great

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The war is commenced,And the army condensedDevoid both of eating and fearThey look for the presence;Of all soldiers, the essence,Of glorious, great, granny Born-dear.

This is one of the songs of the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was the first major war fought by the United States under the Constitution. The United States went to war to force the British to give up the Orders-in-Council, which regulated American trade with the European Continent, and impressments, which was the Royal Navy's practice of removing seamen from American merchant ships on the high seas. The war lasted for over two years; it was in fact a war that once and for all confirmed American Independence. The offensive actions of the United States failed in every attempt to capture Canada. The Effects of the War of 1812 were on Britain politically, economically and socially.

First, the political effects: The Treaty of Ghent (1814) ended the war.

Fighting would stop and the territory would revert to status quo. The U.S. was considered fully a nation by the Europeans. This war is sometimes called the Second War of Independence. The maritime rights of neutrals (blockades and impressments) were not mentioned. Other questions such as boundaries and fishing rights would be referred to commissions. The war stabilized the border between the United States and British North America at the 49 parallel, from the Lake of the Woods west to the Rocky Mountains. The fur country of Oregon Territory was to be jointly occupied.

Economically, the Industrial Revolution really began in the U.S. because of the blockade by the British. The Maritime colonies became more prosperous as a result of the war. As a result of the war America got control of the Great Lakes. Britain was blockading the Atlantic Ocean. Because of that,