War on Terror

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President Bush's speeches over the last five years have consists of winning and losing the "War on Terror." Bush's 'binary thinking' is one of the major reasons his own base has abandoned him. He thinks of our national defense in terms of winning and losing and has no idea how to behave in the global arena. The ideological method of 'binary thinking' is precisely what's wrong with Bush's thinking today.

Bush has manipulated intelligence and maliciously lied our country into an unprovoked, preemptive war against a small defenseless nation. As he stated days after September 11, 2001, "You're either with us or you're with the Terrorists." This demonstrates Mr. Bush thinks of the world only in black and white terms and is indeed a binary thinker.

A true leader must listen to arguments on all sides and make decisions that actually resolve the problem. Peace is not a 'black and white' issue.

Peace is not about winning and losing. It should be all shades of grey. There is no place in the world for Bush as well as his Binary thinking.